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The 6 Key Pillars Of An OTT Platform

We excel at unlocking top-tier streaming experiences. Whether you choose our BLAZE platform or integrate with us, our suite of solutions is readily available. We’ve carefully curated six essential feature categories to enhance your OTT service.

Explore how our comprehensive solutions enable sports rights-holders to deliver MVP-level streaming experiences to their customers and fans below.



Maximising Revenue Potential

From leveraging our StreamPay Payment Platform to deploying targeted performance marketing strategies, our comprehensive suite of solutions empowers sports brands to turn content into revenue drivers.

Whether it’s in-video advertising, loyalty programs, or seamless e-commerce integration, we provide the tools you need to maximise profitability and enhance viewer engagement.

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Delivering Flawless Live Events Every Time

The crown jewel of StreamAMG’s solutions. Our team of seasoned experts ensure flawless live delivery with 24×7 eyes-on-glass support and industry-leading service. We deliver over 50,000 hours of content and 15,000 events annually for 80+ clients across 18 sports, making us the gold standard in live streaming. It’s only LIVE once!

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Streamlining Content Delivery for Maximum Impact

From automatic Live-2-VOD conversion to BYO Highlight Clipping and Connected TV Apps, our platform offers versatility.

Using our own CloudMatrix VMS, brands can captivate audiences across platforms with engaging, high-quality video experiences.

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Building Deeper Connections

From personalised content based on user location to immersive interactive overlays and gamification, we help brands foster deeper connections with their audience that keep viewers coming back for more.

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Data & Analytics

Data & Analytics

Harnessing Insights for Growth

From first-party data collection to seamless integration with CRM systems, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools to track and analyse video consumption.

Leverage MUX Video Analytics to fine-tune your content strategy and drive meaningful engagement.

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A Comprehensive Defence Against Piracy and Unauthorised Access

We actively monitor piracy and offer on-demand enhanced security. Our authentication tokens control access, geo protection restricts playback to specific countries, and content targeting limits playback based on region and referral source.

These top-tier features collectively provide a comprehensive and robust level of protection against piracy and unauthorised access, ensuring a secure environment for your content.

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