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By Published On: August 12, 2019 - Categories: Announcements OTT Press Release Sports

How StreamAMG is applying Amazon Transcribe technology to help AFC Bournemouth's digital team save time and drive content efficiencies.

Adding subtitles to video content adds value for both audiences and media owners; they improve accessibility, boost audience engagement, improve SEO and stop viewers having to find their headphones before watching.

However, manual transcription is a production headache. It’s slow and labour intensive, creating a bottleneck for busy content teams working to tight schedules.

StreamAMG provides live and on demand video services to a wide base of football clubs to help them reach fans worldwide and satisfy their hunger for content. Content teams at clubs like Premier League AFC Bournemouth face relentless schedules with immovable deadlines, and consistently fed back that transcription was a key pinch point in their video content workflows. As they found that existing transcription solutions were often slow, expensive, or simply inaccurate, manual transcription had to do.

To find a solution that met the needs of content managers, StreamAMG turned to Amazon Transcribe, an automatic speech recognition (ASR) service from Amazon Web Services (AWS). The leading service analyses audio and returns a text file of transcribed speech, complete with punctuation, timestamps, and differentiated speakers. Crucially, it employs deep learning techniques to improve accuracy with every transcription, producing a high degree of accuracy that improves with time.

Building on the Amazon Transcribe service, StreamAMG created StreamTranscribe to enable content managers generate captions to videos uploaded into the MediaPlatform online video platform (OVP). By adding advanced rulesets and customer word filtering, it grants busy teams the maximum control and efficiency, as well as accuracy. Fully integrated with the OVP, users can either transcribe new uploads immediately by default, or simply at a click of a button on selected video assets.

AFC Bournemouth have recently adopted StreamTranscribe shortly after launch to streamline their content process ahead of the 2019-20 season, the first football club to do so. Even in the early stages of use, the digital team immediately saved substantial time in a busy preseason, drastically cutting the turnaround period required to publish subtitled highlights, behind-the-scenes content and special features.

Without compromising on accuracy or accessibility, StreamTranscribe lets content managers spend less time on transcription without and more time on what counts; the creation of compelling content for loyal audiences.

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